This Victorian home, built in 1908 by Anna Vickerman, was designed in the classic Queen Anne style with a wraparound front porch, intricately designed filigree, carved woodwork, and a distinctive turret.

Local legend says Anna, recently widowed after the death of her husband, Isaac, sat on the front lawn in her rocking chair and personally inspected the construction of the house. We think she had a good eye and would still be proud of her home more than a century later!

Anna and her two daughters (Hazel and Ola) lived here for about a decade, followed by a number of other families (including that of beloved Lanesboro historian Don Ward). In 1998, the home was transformed into Anna V's Bed and Breakfast by Tammy Steffke. After Tammy, Mike and Gail Eckerman were Innkeepers, followed by Steve and Susie Harris. Today James and Joie Hamann are the folks you get to meet upon your arrival.

The home's main floor has two parlors, a dining room, and kitchen. Our newest addition is the Nordic Guest House. There are three guest bedrooms on the second floor: the Rose Room, the Heritage Suite, and Anna's Suite. The third-floor is the North Star Suite. There's a century-old horse barn on the property.